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Student Residence in the Centre of Ostrava
This is the place to enjoy the full college experience. The universities are only a 10-minute walk from the campus (the University of Ostrava as well as the Technical University of Ostrava). It will also take you only 10 minutes to get to the buzzing Stodolní Street or to go for a quiet, romantic stroll along the river Ostravice. The residence is very close to sport centres where you can go for a swim, ride a bike and play tennis or badminton. A large shopping centre Forum Nová Karolina with cafes and cinemas is located right next to the campus. You can simply live it up!

Comfortable Living
The idea of Kampus Palace is to offer quality living in a modern style. Every flat has its own kitchen, bathroom and high-grade furnishings. When building the residence, our goal was to minimize noise and create a quiet study environment. Therefore our architects designed a soundproofing solution that ensures privacy. You can also enjoy fast Internet and meet new people in one of the socializing areas. There is a creative common room, inner courtyard with a climbing wall and a mini-cinema, gym, bike room and laundry room.

Life at the Kampus
Kampus Palace is ideal for students looking for a casual place with a pleasant atmosphere where they can meet new people and build strong friendships. It offers an excellent study environment that can also help you with your personal development. The aim of the Kampus is to provide students with an all-inclusive approach so that everyone can develop their full potential.

Safety and Services
How about a cup of coffee with a freshly-baked croissant in the morning? The Kampus cafe offers a rich breakfast menu every day. Besides a cafe, there is a restaurant in Kampus preparing lunches and dinners that the students living in the Kampus can enjoy for a reduced price. In our residence, you can choose from a variety of services, from the most basic to luxurious ones. But a top-rated security system is considered a standard. The whole Kampus is managed with 24-hour reception with an access system and CCTV. The idea is to feel free but safe at the same time.
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We have built a residence that has been missing in Ostrava. The mission of this residence is to take student accommodation to the next level. For our campus project, we have chosen two distinctive buildings in the heart of Ostrava, traditionally known as the Post and the Opera. We have renovated these buildings and transformed them into a top student residence, which now consists of conveniently equipped and furnished flats. The two buildings are situated in the former Hotel Palace that is part of Ostrava’s history and tradition. This is why we named this project “Kampus Palace”. A residence does not only have to be a place to spend the night. Our residence is a great venue for meetings, events and extracurricular education: simply a perfect environment for student life. And “Palace”? It refers to the history of the building and implies that we are pushing the boundaries of quality. How many students can say that they live in a palace?

Almost every room at the Kampus is different in order to reflect each student’s individuality. There are both luxury and standard rooms that fulfil high demands on design and equipment. Students can choose rooms at an affordable price as well as more expensive ones. But all of them are unique! If you cannot afford to pay the rent but you still would like to live at the Kampus, please send us a message. We offer a wide range of jobs at the Kampus and therefore a possibility to become a part of this project.

Building a Strong Community
Education gives you a great start. The purpose of Kampus is to give students enough space and time for everything they need. You can build a strong foundation for your future here, but also enjoy a full college life you will never forget.

We trust the students living here so that the Kampus can work as we intended. On the other hand, we expect the students to behave responsibly and thoughtfully when it comes to other people and the building itself. Reckless and irresponsible people can really ruin the mood. We know that you are not perfect. Neither are we. Occasionally, something goes wrong and there might be a misunderstanding. However, we act fairly and constructively and expect the same from you.

Social Life
One of the reasons students choose Kampus is that they are sociable and want to meet interesting people. That is why we want to offer a wide range of events in the Kampus, such as: common dinners for individual floors, activities for people of similar interests, all-campus events and even spiritual reflection on Fridays. Everyone can find something they’ll like and also make new friends who enjoy the same things.

Personal Development
Would you like to come and listen to something new and practical? Then you might be interested in our cycle of talks about personal development. We will discuss various topics such as personal finance management, presentation skills, life as a couple or ethics. If you love TEDx talks, you should know that we also organize thematic screenings with guests from various fields. There are no boundaries to what we can talk about!

Culture lovers will surely enjoy themselves at the Kampus. Antonín Dvořák Theatre is located right in front of the residence and offers an excellent choice of shows. Next, the popular Petr Bezruč Theatre and The Ostrava House of Culture are only two tram stops away. What is more, the famous Cooltour is just around the corner. Cooltour cultural centre organizes exhibitions, concerts, dance festivals and screenings. And finally, the art club Stará Aréna (Old Arena) is only a five-minute walk. There is no doubt that Ostrava lives! Also make sure to visit one of our many festivals: Colours of Ostrava, Shakespeare Off, Dream Factory, NATO Days, Majáles, Zažít Ostravu jinak, Ostrava Golden Spike and many others.

Leisure Activities
Do you enjoy sports and try to keep fit? Do you have a lot of energy? Then this is the right place for you. Borrow a bike and go for a trip to the Silesian Ostrava Castle or Dolní Vítkovice and explore the world around you. Next, you can go for a swim in the nearby Sareza areal, which also offers fitness and wellness activities. At the Kampus Palace, students also have free access to the climbing wall, gym or courtyard, where they can work-out outside with a bunch of friends.

Community Projects
The well-known phrase “No man is an island” is taken seriously at the Kampus. We care about the world around us and therefore offer students opportunities to work with various non-profit organizations. Try to focus your energy and talent to improve the world around us.

Working and Volunteering at the Kampus Palace
The Kampus provides a lot of work opportunities. We are looking for 4 to 8 students that can run the reception desk. We also need a student to be in charge of every individual floor and work as a consultant and organizer on behalf of the rooms. This is not paid work, but we can offer you some benefits such as reduced rent. Moreover, the Kampus is also seeking volunteers to manage events or organize specific projects (either to help with a one-off event or regularly). We can also arrange for you to work within the Kampus building with our commercial partners.



Kampus Palace

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